# Export using CSV/XLS files

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File export via the PIM
-- Step 1: Export classifications
-- Step 2: Export channels (assignations)
-- Step 3: Export documents
-- Step 4: Export variants
-- Step 5: Export assets
-- Step 6: Export links
Scheduled exports

You can however choose to export your data from Quable PIM using .CSV files or the API.

# File export via the PIM

As for the full export via the API, you are required to export your files following a certain order for the export to be successful.

graph LR 
    A[Export classifications] 
    A --> B[Export assignations]
    B --> C[Export documents]
    C --> D[Export variants]
    D --> E[Export assets]
    E --> F[Export links]

# Step 1: Export classifications

You can start exporting your files by going to your PIM, in the "Data flow" -> "Exports" -> "Start an export" section.

Classifications are the list of categories containing all your documents. You need to export them first to be able to then export your content.

Export classifications
Export classifications

Your export will appear in the list. You can download your file from here.

# Step 2: Export channels (assignations)

Channels contain the data that assign each document to the relevant classification.

Export channels
Export channels

# Step 3: Export documents

Once you have your classifications and channels ready, you can start exporting your documents.
Choose the document type you wish to export.
If you need more than one document type, you will need to do several exports.

Export documents
Export documents

# Step 4: Export variants

Once you have exported documents, you can start exporting variants.

Export variants
Export variants

# Step 5: Export assets

Now that you have documents and variants, you can export your assets.

Export assets
Export assets

# Step 6: Export links

The final step is to export the links between the documents and the assets, so each asset will be attributed to your documents.
This is an important step if you are exporting data for your e-commerce website.

Export links
Export links

Once you have exported all your files, you can process them using your own script or internal tools.

# Scheduled exports

You can schedule exports directly from your PIM, and choose information, file format, profile and reccurence for each scheduled export.