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What is a Quable app?
How does it work?
Types of Quable apps
-- Document applications
-- In-app applications
Which platform to build a Quable app?
Development tools

# What is a Quable App?

Quable Apps provide additional functionality directly within your Quable PIM. They allow external parties or partners to securely access the content of your Quable PIM in order to provide a function or service to all contributors. They are developed by a variety of sources, including our internal teams, trusted partners, and even clients. These applications are designed to meet specific needs and can be integrated into certain pages of the PIM to improve its functionality and experience.

# How does it work?

Quable Apps are external applications to the Quable PIM. Even though they are hosted on remote servers, they remain accessible from our PIM. We have integrated a robust and secure mechanism to ensure communication between the Quable PIM and the Quable Apps. Each Quable App operates through a series of interactions with the Quable PIM, ensuring a secure and seamless workflow. Here’s an explanation of how it works:

1) Initiating the Request : The process begins when the Quable PIM, sends a request to the Quable App. This request contains contextual information such as the current interface language, data language, connected user...

2) Request Validation : Upon receiving the request, the Quable App communicates with its own database, to validate the request. This step involves generating an user session.

3) Content Generation : The Quable App processes the information it receives to generate the necessary content for its pages.

4) Content Transmission and Display : The generated content is then sent back to the Quable PIM and displayed within an iframe.

5) Secured Communication : At this step, there is a secure communication channel established between the Quable PIM and the Quable App. This ensures that all data transferred between the two systems is protected and confidential.

Quable App Workflow
Quable App Workflow

# Types of Quable Apps

There are two types of Quable applications: Document and In-App. Each type offers a unique way of integration and accessibility within your PIM. Understanding the differences between these types is important to build applications.

# Document applications

Document type applications can be accessed through two main ways:

  • Advanced Search Page : Users can launch these applications directly from the advanced search page.
  • Document page : These applications are also accessible from the individual document's detail page.
    This dual-access approach enhances the flexibility and ease of use within the document management context.

When accessed, document type applications open in a pop-in window.

# In-App applications

In contrast to document type applications, in-app type applications are exclusively accessible from the installed applications listing. Opening an in-app type application replaces the current PIM page. This approach provides a smooth transition from the PIM to the application, making the application feel like a natural part of the PIM environment.

# Which platform to build a Quable App?

You have the flexibility to build your Quable App in any programming language that supports web server exposure. For example, you could develop your application in Nodejs using Express, or combine it with React. Alternatively, you could pair a Python application with a React application. This flexibility extends to other server languages such as PHP, Ruby, Java, etc. Essentially, the choice of programming language for your Quable App is entirely yours, demonstrating the versatility of our Quable Ecosystem platform.

Server Programming Langage
Server Programming Langage

# Development tools

In general, a Quable App is designed to interact with the data from the our PIM system, whether for simple reading or for writing. To facilitate this interaction, our Quable PIM natively exposes a series of API endpoints, which are available here.

To further simplify Quable App build experience, we have added essential tools that will assist you:

  • Quable Client Library : We provide API libraries to interact directly with the Quable PIM API in your code.

    Currently we support nodejs only

  • PIM Data Aggregator : This tool facilitates the aggregation and extraction of data from the PIM.

  • Quable Partner Portal : This is a portal dedicated to our partners, providing resources and tools to assist in the creation of quable apps.

  • Quable Billing : This tool manages the billing of quable apps.

  • Quable App templates : We provide quable app templates to help quickly start the development of new applications.

These tools was build to make your quable app development experience as smooth and efficient as possible. They help you to focus on creating applications that meet your specific needs, while we handle the technical details.